Have you always wanted to make an iPhone or iPad app but never have the time? Dive Into iOS is here to help! We provide short and succinct video tutorials to kickstart your learning process and beat the learning curve.

Dive Into iOS is the brainchild of Sidwyn Koh, and has over 600 happy students (check out reviews here).

Sidwyn is an experienced trainer who teaches iOS development to numerous individuals, professionals and companies. He has received excellent feedback for all his previous classes, and received a letter of recommendation from his previous employer. He now runs The Pragmatic Lab, a school to teach iOS development.

Sidwyn's iOS applications have been featured on the App Store (Staff Favorites / New and Noteworthy) and lauded with praise. His huge portfolio boasts StackerDefinition, Seesmic, FreshLookiTooch, NUS High with many more to come.

You can check out his complete portfolio here, and his actual lab in reality (Singapore).

Featured on the App Store? Check.
Featured in local newspapers? Check.
Featured on app review websites? Check.

Sold? What are you waiting for? It's time to become an iOS ninja. Click here to get started!

Dive Into iOS teaches you how to build iPhone and iPad applications, with no programming or Objective-C knowledge required. Through succinct video screencast tutorials, bite-sized podcasts and PDF slides, our unique teaching style will allow you to develop an iOS application using Xcode in no time.